The wrd 4 2dy is “temptation”
The word temptation means “a desire to do something wrong or unwise”
For as long as our five senses are fully active and functional the urge or desire to do something wrong or unwise would always be here.
In one of my write-up, I mentioned that living in a sense realm makes it practically impossible to have self control but that when we engage in the spirit realm we h…ave the privilege of the Holy Sprit warning and advising us.
It however need be said that because we engage in the Spirit doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be tempted, but what would happen, is that when temptation comes our way, the Holy Spirit will definitely show the way of escape.
Scriptures makes it clear in 1Cor 10: 13, “that there is isn’t any temptation that comes your way that isn’t common to man, but that God is faithful to make a way of escape” (my emphasis).
I pray when temptations come our way, we wouldn’t be deafened to the promptings of the Holy Spirit but for every temptation the ability to overcome would always be ours IJN.