Men of Purpose

Men’s Ministry

The focus of the men’s ministry is to give men the guidance and help they need in order to become what God has called them to be as men not only in the Church but at home and at work.

We seek to empower the men in our ministry to be good role models be it as fathers, husbands and sons.

We also seek to educate our men that life is all about purpose, i.e. no one is just born for the sake of it, but God is the one behind the existence of every man and that He has a plan and a purpose for us all.  We believe that a man taking his rightful place in the family unit will help foster a loving, caring and disciplined family structure. A man is a true man when he is always around to provide love, support and comfort to his wife and children when ever needed.

The aim of this ministry is to teach all men alike (single or married ) the principles of the word of God so that they can be equipped to face life challenges, and lead with the strength and wisdom that God has given through His word.

For more information about this department, do contact Pastor Tunde Okeowo at