Publications Team

The scriptures proclaim that in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and that the same word was God. This bears to light the importance of the word in the growth and development of a Christian.
So we at Newbirth do place so much importance to the word and therefore we cherish the urgency to make it readily available to people as easy and as cheap as it can be.  Our publication’s Team see to it that our materials fulfil this obligations and that as our mission states that the word is readily available so:

That people accept Christ as their personal Lord & Saviour – (John 3:16)
That people know the essence and purpose of their existence in life – (Jeremiah 1:1-9)
That people would identify their potentials i.e. in the area of gifting and talents that God has endowed them with. – (1Corithians 12: 4 )
That people would accomplish their God given destiny.-( John 4: 34, John 17: 4, John 19: 30, Acts 20: 24)
That people would not only find Christ and accomplish their destiny, but are confident of ascension at the second coming of our Lord. – (1 Thessalonians 4: 17)

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