The Wrd 4 2dy is “self-control”
Self-control is defined as impulse control or self regulation.
This is one major problem in our generation, many can’t control themselves thus they are always stumbling and falling at every little temptation (isn’t it?)that comes in their direction. Our generation is full of moral decadence, broken promises, confused societies, embezzlements and mismanagement of s…ingle and cooperate wealth etc.
Why have we become a society struggling with controlling self; it however need be said that the formation of every man is the spirit, soul and body.
If we are controlled by the spirit which is our inner witness in conformity to Godly dictates, then we won’t fulfill the loss of the flesh, however if what guides our lives is the five senses e.g. Sight, taste etc then we are bound to be out of control.
Take an example in our current climate of advertising, most adverts sells sex, also our fashion world is full of loads of exposition of the flesh at which its no longer an obscene issue. With this in place a man that is ruled by his sight will always be out of control at every proposing of sex offered even though he might already have a commitment to someone.
What about money, how many people at the opportunity to defraud or deceive for a little profiting do fall for the bait. Many’s testimonies have been shattered at the inability to control self or their impulses.
The answer to this problem is simple let God control your life and not your senses. I pray that our leader in this journey of life would be our inner witness (our spirit) in uniformed agreement with our creator. (Amen)