The Wrd 4 2dy is “Secret Place”
The definition of “secret” is something unknown or not seen to others.
When we join the definition to the word “place”; then secret place would look like “place unknown or Unseen to others”.
There was an advert on the bus recently that read:- “A fool says there is God”, Ironically however the scriptures in Psalm 14: 1 says The fool says in his heart that there is no… God.
Looking at these two quotes the distinguishing word is fool. The word fool means “one deficient in judgment, sense or understanding.
My take on this however, is that if one hasn’t been privy to the secret place, which is where God resides, then it’s most likely for one to insinuate there is no God, even though there are numerous evidences pointing to the fact that God exist and indeed He controls the universe. In my recent conversation with a 14year old young man who believes that there isn’t a God and that life is about chance. I however asked him a question, that if life is about chance then there is a possibility that the fresh air we breathe might just seize one day, . He disagreed to that happening and thought it would be a catastrophic situation thus somebody is definitely in-charge of that area.. So today thats how confused many who haven’t found the secret place are.
I pray we find the Secret Place and abide steadfastly under Its covering IJN.