The Wrd 4 2dy is “Persecution”
The word persecution means “to be oppressed or harassed with ill-treatment especially because of Race, Religion, Gender etc”
Persecution is a word many don’t like to hear or talk about because it’s not often a pleasant thing to experience irrespective of who you are.
However persecution is what everyone would have to go through at one point in time, they come in dif…ferent forms and the outcome either makes or break depending on how we respond to it. In life there would always be some people who don’t fully approve of either what you stand for or who you are, but the ability at maintaining your stance however is depended on your convictions.
With this in place, you either know who you are or you would spend the rest of life being told by different people who you should be.
Jesus however admonishes us in Matthew 5: 10 that if you are been persecuted for having a life of approval from His father then be sure to know that better days are coming for you (my emphasis)
Having established that persecution is part of life experiences, then the question need be asked what are you being persecuted for, is it worth standing for or giving up?.
My friend the simple answer is this, let the voice of God guide you at evaluating the purpose of your persecution and how to respond to it, then the outcome will be beneficiary not only to yourself but others.