The Wrd 4 2dy is “Freely”
The word freely is defined as “Not under the control of another” or “without restriction or interference”
When God created man in the Garden, He instructed him that he could partake of everything in the Garden except of the tree of Knowledge, of which the day he does, he literarily would be signing his death warrant. We however knew what happened and the consequences of such an action.
Even though freedom is the absence of control, freedom is also the absence of abuse, freedom not controlled and restricted will definitely lead to abuse. We live in a world today where we are legislating for freedom of speech, expression, freedom to be and all the sorts, but all these freedom has brought is abuse, bondage and lack of peace.. 
2dy out of the quest for freedom (which mainly is restricting Godly interference) many have abandoned their duties to others and thus created a misery for them, husbands have walked out on wives and children and vice vera, society have abdicated it’s responsibilities of support thus dis-functioned communities.
Friends what we need is not freedom from God, but freedom in God. When we have God in our hearts then truly are we free. Rom. 8: 32 gives an account of God’s desire to freely give us all things. Let’s embrace God as we ought to and then we can experience His true freedom in our lives.