The Wrd 4 2dy is “Fellowship”
Fellowship is the condition of sharing similar interest, idea or a group of people meeting to pursue a shared interest.
Christians are the only people that I know that profess to have similar interest but cannot work together, or don’t we?.
We constantly see new pastors breaking away from churches to start theirs without necessarily been released, and couple of years …down the line the same thing they did is done back to them. Same apply to church folks who either being corrected or told the truth bail out at the next excuse.
This issue isn’t generic to a particular denomination, of which we could have said they have a problem, but it’s common to all.
Fellowship above is defined as people meeting to pursue a shared interest, whose interest are we supposed to pursue? Jesus or ours! If we are truly pursuing His interest then we shouldn’t be divided and bearing different names.
Mk 3: 34 says “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand” no wonder we are not effective in witnessing for Jesus. Churches divided, homes divided, relationships divided, then how can true fellowship exist.
Have you checked yourself lately, can you relate successfully with other Christians not from your church? Why are we allowing Satan’s strategic plan of division to weaken our potentiality at taking the world for Jesus?
Are you willing to be part of the new Army of Change? Well I am.