The Wrd 4 2dy is “Fear”
The word fear is defined: as a release of negative emotions caused by the believe that something or someone is dangerous.
This definition states that fear only exist based on what one perceives of an information released about a person or something. So ones perception of the information or the way at which the information was conveyed is the root cause of the emotion releas…ed.
I am a firm believer of the fact that what you expose yourself to consistently will after a while rule and dominate your life.
We live in a world where 85% of the news we receive on TV’s, radios, Internet etc is negative of which they are consistently been fed into people thus creating a society of paranoids. Today our kids are locked in doors for fear of one thing or the other happening to them, many women can’t jog in the woods alone for fear of abduction and murder.
Well friends I’ve got news for you, the manifestation of fear is solely the absence of faith, where there is faith fear will evaporate.
Psalm 91: 1 says he that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty; when your life is hid in Christ and God, you will develop so much faith that not even an ounce of fear released around you can impact or shake your confidence not to talk of releasing a negative emotion.
Let’s start developing an attitude to shutting down too much of negativity and opening ourselves to more fellowship with the Lord, after-all He says the plans He has for us, are plans of good & not of evil.
Stay blessed