The Wrd 4 2dy is ”Faith”
Faith means ”Complete trust or confidence in somone or something or strong belief in God”
To have faith in God or d God kind of faith is when u have confidence in Him to take care of u. U can’t profess to ve faith when u can’t entrust ur life in God’s hands.
The tragic of life is not death but while, living purpose is unknown, or d giver of purpose can’t be trusted.
Je…r 1: 5 says b/4 conception God knew man & decided or programed his journey 4 life.
Then in Jer 29: 11 He reaffirms His plan & commitment to man & promised a gr8 ending.
Friend if faith is confidence in God & ur life is in His hands why not release yourself to Him unreserved & let d purpose of life not only become clearer but pleasureable.
keep walking in faith IJN.