The Wrd 4 2dy is “Doer”
The word Doer is defined as “A person who acts as oppose to talking and thinking”
We live in a world today were we have a lot of talkers and no action. We have people who knows how the political, socio and economic woes of our nations can be resolved but they never take a step towards Viving for positions that would allow such knowledge to be applied. Is that the same with …you too?
The analysis above is not only peculiar to the circular environment but has found its way into the church of today. Many go to church, observing the weekly attendance and all the paraphernalia but truly the church can’t be found in them.
The essence of the church is not only in big buildings, prospering and healthy membership but being a salt and a light to the world (Matt 5: 13). The church is supposed to impact its community by not only bringing a presence in it, but transforming and influencing its makeup.
Friends how recent have you evaluated your impact in your area of influence, can you really say that you are a doer or just hearer of the word? Are you really the salt and light of your generation?
I pray that the burden to influence would be yours IJN.