The Wrd 4 2dy is “Affection”
The wrd affection means:- “A gently feeling of fondness or liking or Physical expression of these feelings.”
B/4 we progress a little further, can I ask you to spend a little minute or two to ask yourself what are you fond of and do you physically express them.
Well let me help some of you out on this, as you might find your self not able to pin point on one.
For some they are fond of football and when their preferred team is playing you can see them reveal their real passion when either their team scores, looses or cheated upon, while 4 some it’s either a daily consumption of alcohol or smoking of whatever cigarette and when it isn’t available you can perceive.
While for some the love and passion is there, but the physical expression is totally amiss.
Looking at all my examples above, you will notice that they are basically natural and canal feelings which we wouldn’t take with us when we die.
while scriptures on the other in Col 3: 2-3 admonishes us to set our affection on the things above rather than the things on the earth, for we are dead to worldly things and that our life is hid in Christ and God
This admonishing gives us reason to pause and ask ourselves questions like this; 1) What have I been setting my affections upon lately. 2) Does it bear any importance to where I am from(i.e. heaven) & 3) and where I am going.
If your affections are based on worldly things, they are never meant to last, and are distractions to what really matters, which are heavenly things where a true child of God would spend eternity.
So 2dy start setting your affections on things that really matter to God and your walk with Him and at the end of the day it would be worth the effort.