The Wrd 4 2dy is “Possible”
The word possible is defined as “something that has d capability of happening, existing or being true without contradicting proven facts”
For many of us 2dy there are lots of things that we want happening but they just seem way impossible, no matter how often we try it just seems way impossible. H/ever d defin describes there is a capability of things happening, i.e. there is a chance for change to occur.
I don’t know what needs to happen in your life, but base on probabilities presented to u, you might have concluded things cant happen.
Well Luke 18: 27 says whatever is impossible with man is possible with God. i.e. what man sees no hope of anything happening either by experience or by his limited knowledge, God (the almighty) has d capability of making it happening.
In Mark 9, a story was shared of a man whose son was having a terrible condition & they brought d son to d disciples of Jesus (this would be our modern day doctors) & they couldn’t help, then d father decided to go see Jesus in verse 23.
Scripture h/ever says when d father got to Jesus, He said to d man “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth”. The story continued with d man shouting & professing that he believed & lo & behold he got his miracle.
Friends d lesson to learn from this scripture is simple, turn ur faith loose & u will begin to experience d impossible turning to possible. Put aside ur knowledge or what people are saying & trust God & add to trust consistent confession of what u want & begin to role play ur miracle as if u already have it and not b/4 long it will be so.
May d God of grace & mercy grant unto u ur heart desires IJN
Peace & Love